2012 Demo Reel

The demo reel is a showcase of highlights from numerous recent corporate and commercial projects. These projects run the gamut from full-length communications pieces (e.g., booth videos for financial trade shows) to music videos, from conference openers to corporate identity branding.
Some of the corporate projects shown include recruiting campaigns, corporate journalism, and multiple headline deals (such as Worldlink). The list of financial services clients include: Futures, Global Transaction Services, Global Corporate and Investment Banks, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, and Global Financial Institutions.
Other recent corporate projects include the graphics video opener for an annual global conference, corporate partnership events (2011’s re-opening of the Bolshoi Theater, sponsored by MetLife), and a series of multi-chapter insurance product videos whose source footage (greenscreen video) was shot on the RED Camera®.
The commercial project highlighted in this demo reel is a music video for the British hip-hop artist Icy Chill. The virtual graphic environment and vfx were all created post-production.
As a freelance designer, I design, create and execute all 2D and 3D graphics single-handedly. In all but a very few highlighted in this demo reel (some pieces for MetLife began with a provided PDF storyboard), I can claim full authorship from the initial design sketches to final product execution.


Diamond Messages | song “Liquid Summer” | album “Smoke And Mirrors”

still frames {slideshow}2012 DEMO REEL